Copper Country Hockey History

The Birthplace of Organized Professional Hockey! 

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Table of Contents:

   Home Page

Copper Country Hockey History:

   1890s-2004 Copper Country Hockey History Timeline

   Copper Country's Local Hockey Players & Legends

   Copper Country Ice Rinks

   Gibson Cup History and Winners

   MacNaughton Cup History and Winners

      Hockey Centennial Weekend pictures Sept 23-26, 2004

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International Hockey League  1904-1907

   1904-1907 Portage Lake Pro Teams in the IHL

      1904-1907 Calumet Pro Teams in the IHL

   1904-1907 Pittsburg Pro Teams in the IHL

   1904-1907 Soo Canada Pro Teams in the IHL

   1904-1907 Soo Michigan Pro Teams in the IHL

Copper Country Teams

   Atlantic Mine Teams

   Baraga County Teams

   Calumet Wolverines Teams

   Copper Country Ice Rinks

   Championship- State & National Champs from the Copper Country

   Champions- Gibson Cup Winners

   Champions- Mac Naughton Cup Winners

   C-L-K Hockey Teams

   Dollar Bay Hockey Teams

   Finlandia University Teams

   Gundlach All Star Teams

   Hancock Hockey Teams

   Houghton Hockey Teams

   Laurn Grove Teams

   Lake Linden Hockey Teams

   Michigan Tech Teams

   Miscellaneous Teams

   Painesdale Hockey Teams

   Portage Lake Teams

   South Range Teams

   Upper Peninsula Championship Teams

Women's Hockey Teams in the Copper Country

   1930s Women's Hockey Teams

   1960s Women's Hockey Teams

   C-L-K Women's Hockey Teams

   1970's Houghton Angels Hockey Teams

   K-Wings Women's Hockey Teams

Misc pages:

   Green Bay Bobcats

   Pictures of the 2004 Hockey Centennial


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Home ice for the Portage Lake team since 1902 has been the Amphidrome ice rink,  located on the shore of Portage Lake in Houghton, Michigan:


Our Location in  Houghton, Michigan


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